Experienced Mancelona Garage Builders

The right garage can feel like an enormous luxury. Before, when you were leaving for work, you’d need to step outside to your car. You might freeze, get pelted with rain, or experience the indignity of a flock of birds pooping on your windshield. You might get home during a snowstorm and have to struggle through what feels like a blizzard just to get inside. While all that is going on, you might also say a quiet prayer that your car is spared having branches collapse on it. However, with the right garage builder working for you, all of those things can be distant memories.


As we said, the right garage can feel like a luxury, but you shouldn’t have to spend luxuriously to have one. At Northern Michigan Services, our team of expert garage builders can help you get the garage of your dreams while staying within your budget. With more than three decades of experience, our team of licensed and insured garage builders will work with you to design and construct a garage that has your unique style and will provide decades of reliable shelter.


We’ll meet with you to get a better idea of the space we have to work with. Our team will go over what you have in mind for a budget, the materials, and the exterior and interior features of your new garage. After a plan has been devised, we’ll keep you in the loop from groundbreaking to the final day of construction. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today.